Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Interesting near-death experience by a neurosurgeon

The video below presents an interesting near-death experience by a neurosurgeon -- unusual in that the from of the event precipitating his experience (an infection in his case) made him amnesiac for his previous life, thus paralleling a strong Salvia Divinorum experience.

Thursday, October 17, 2013

Addendum to the previous entry on Soma

An addendum to the previous entry on Soma which happened about a week ago but which I haven't posted until now because of various life duties and preoccupations.  This is a representation of an email conversation between us (we prefer to do research this way, as textual productions can be made more precise than verbal conversations and are their own record).

My wife: “I looked up the Persian version and came across a plant name:

Sarcostemma acidum

http://siddham.in/somalatha-sarcostemma-acidum (an Ayurvedic entry on the plant)

I thought [it] interesting that the drink is supposed to bring about everlasting life. I interpreted that as an ego-death that brings about the realization of life-beyond-life. The Roar described also reminded me of the onset of salvia besagement. (Much of the description seems like salvia actually.)”

Sunday, October 6, 2013

The Secret of the Soma Plant

Soma is a great deity, cosmic power and spiritual principle in Vedic thought. It also had its counterpart in the plant kingdom. There has been a long search for the identity of the original Soma plant was and several plants have been proposed as representing it.

My view – based upon more than thirty years of study of the Vedas in the original Sanskrit, as well as related Ayurvedic literature – is that the Soma plant was not simply one plant, though there may have been one primary Soma plant in certain times and places, but several plants, sometimes a plant mixture and more generally refers to the sacred usage of plants. Soma is mentioned as existing in all plants (RV X.97.7), and many different types of Soma are indicated, some requiring elaborate preparations. Water itself, particularly that of the Himalayan rivers, is a kind of Soma (RV VII.49.4). In Vedic thought, for every form of Agni or Fire, there is also a form of Soma. In this regard, there are Somas throughout the universe. Agni and Soma are the Vedic equivalents of yin and yang in Chinese thought.” [link]

{Italicized emphasis mine.}

Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Some pictures of our new home

Here are some pictures of the natural environment surrounding our new house which we bought at the end of June this year.  Below is a shot of our backyard from the top of the screened porch steps.  Our property continues to just short of the line of bushes you can see in the distance.  In the sky beyond and partially obscured by trees is the side of Peter Young Mountain, about 6 miles away.

In the next picture, you can see our sideyard, sloping down to the private access road and the beginnings of a system of raised beds we plan to use for gardening.

Finally, you can see two pictures of my sacred-plant ally, Salvia Divinorum.  The first picture was taken in mid-July not long after we moved in, and the second was taken just a few days ago, showing the amount of growth in 2 months.

Salvias, mid-July
Salvias, mid-September